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Posted in Baldor Motors on 2nd August 2011

Baldor Motors

Baldor Motors – Industrial technology is improving a lot especially on its motor innovation and invention. More and more efficient and low maintenance motors are needed to support the high production of a company or manufacturers. Baldor Motors have been produced in United Stated of America since years and have been generally recommended by high qualified technician and factory workers. The purchases of Baldor Motors are increasing year by year. The various products produced by this company, especially for cooling tower technology helps the customers to get the best products to buy.

Baldor Motors produced by Baldor Electric Company as the member of the ABB Group focused in producing energy efficient products. There are some reasons why Baldor Motors Tower Powers are good and need to be purchased. The quality of the product is the most important part. Baldor Motors have superior reliability which is shown on its exclusive design for cooling tower applications. To eliminate the high maintenance of the gearboxes, couplings, and drive shafts the motors of RPM AC is directed to cool down the cooling tower fan directly. The tower powers are relatively quiet I operation due to the use of high torque but slow speed that make the variation of variable speeds which enable the Baldor Motors to maximize system efficiency.

Baldor Motors

The usage of this Tower Powers is good not only for a new installation but also for re-install motors or towers which will reduce the energy consumption and maintenance cost. Baldor Motors tower powers products specialized on cooling tower is available to be investigated more by accessing Baldor Motors official website. More case studies, installation photos and also some additional information related to the revolutionary invention of RPM AC cooling tower technology form Baldor Electric Company. Baldors are keep giving the best and the most efficient Motors technology for better future.

Baldor Motors’ Cooling Tower